I did it, I finally bit the bullet and bought the Zeiss Otus 55mm for Canon mount!
Without a doubt, all of the hype regarding this lens is true. This lens is AMAZING! Anything I could say about this lens has already been said in other reviews.

My main concern in purchasing this lens was using manual focus and getting in focus results. I’ve had no problems at all. My Canon 5D Mark III is set to use the smallest autofocus point, and I focus until I hear the beep. It’s accurate and bang on accurate most of the time.

Every photo in this post is straight out of the camera without any post processing. I’ve done that to illustrate just how awesome this lens is. Most of the shots were at 1.4. Post processing of course can make any image look better, but I wanted to illustrate just what this lens can do without doctoring up any of the photos. Of course, there are a few cat photos too.

2014-08-15 Anya 18-08-252014-08-15 Anya 18-08-462014-08-15 Anya 19-08-422014-08-15 Nadia 18-08-312014-08-15 Nadia 18-08-352014-08-15 Nadia 18-08-482014-08-15 Nadia 18-08-542014-08-15 Nadia 19-08-332014-08-15 Nadia and Anya 18-08-022014-08-15 Nadia and Anya 18-08-592014-08-15 Otus 13-08-122014-08-15 Otus 13-08-12A2014-08-15 Otus 13-08-312014-08-15 Otus 13-08-35A2014-08-15 Otus 13-08-522014-08-15 Our Dog 19-08-02ND7A8416