Freighthouse Square

Yesterday’s plan was to go to the Children’s Museum in downtown Tacoma. Well, it turns out the museum was closed yesterday, but we were right across the street from Freighthouse Square.  It’s an old building, with a dozen (give or take) unique shops. Unfortunately, the tenants come and go quite often. There’s a food court, an art gallery, a big room for dances and events, a lego artist, and even a knife shop.

My mom bought a piece of glass art from a local artist, the girls got a chance to run around in a big open space, we saw some embalmed animals in a Wiccan store (weird), ate lunch, and stayed dry.

I reviewed it here on Yelp: If you’re in the area, looking for a date idea, or just looking for something different, check it out.

2014-12-23 Freighthouse Square 12-06-362014-12-23 Freighthouse Square 12-08-372014-12-23 Freighthouse Square 12-10-462014-12-23 Freighthouse Square 12-12-422014-12-23 Freighthouse Square 12-17-082014-12-23 Freighthouse Square 12-18-242014-12-23 Freighthouse Square 12-27-052014-12-23 Freighthouse Square 12-41-212014-12-23 Freighthouse Square 13-02-552014-12-23 Freighthouse Square 13-03-372014-12-23 Freighthouse Square 13-39-30

All images were shot with a Panasonic GX7, Olympus 25mm f/1.8, processed in Lightroom, and finished in Alien Skin Exposure 7.

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