Nadia’s ears got pierced today!

We took Nadia to the mall today. In less than 30 seconds, they had both ears pierced!

Of course I had to get it on video — and in 4K too. Funny thing, the lady that was doing the piercing said that I wasn’t “allowed” to take video or pictures of it. Well, I had the GH4 with me, so I flipped the switch to facial autofocus, closed the LCD screen so you couldn’t tell it was recording, and just held the camera close to me to get the video.

Nadia was a trooper and did great. However, she didn’t want me to show the video. Here’s her getting an after piercing special treat:

Images were shot with a Panasonic GH4, Leica/Panasonic 15mm f/1.7 lens, processed using Lightroom 5.7 and Alien Skin Exposure 7.

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