7D Mark II — Initial Review and Examples

When I had purchased the 5D Mark III two years ago, I really wanted the 1DX, but couldn’t justify the purchase price. My rationale for buying the 7D Mark II is that I wanted a camera that has the dual pixel autofocus for video, high frames per second, and allowing me to get close to the action. Rather than buying a 300mm f/2.8 lens for $6,600 or using a teleconverter, I’m able to use my 70–200mm lens and get a similar field of view. The way I look at it, it means I can do more with the same lenses.

Last week, I bought a Canon 7D Mark II from Best Buy. After taking over a thousand images with it, using various lenses, all the focus modes, and multiple tests, I returned the camera to Best Buy since the focus on the camera was all over the place and didn’t work properly in comparison to my 5D Mark III. After scouring the forums online, I came to the conclusion that most of the camera bodies out there are fine, but some of them have the same problem that mine did.

Manufacturers have been known to quitely fix problems in later manufactured units. A prime example of this is with the Fuji X-T1. The first one I received had a mushy D-pad that was awful. I ended up selling the Fuji, but came back to the X-T1 a few months later. The second one I had purchased had a D-pad that was clicky and responsive.

This week, I purchased my second 7D Mark II on B&H. I figured they would have a newer set of inventory in comparison to Best Buy. Also, they had free overnight shipping.

I’ve taken a few tests around the house, but today was really my first outing with the camera. All shots in this post are straight from the camera (just resized for the web). The lens that I used is the Canon 24–70mm f/2.8L II. Pictures were shot using Canon’s Snapshot Portrait picture style. They can be downloaded here: http://www.canon.co.jp/imaging/picturestyle/file/snapshot-portrait.html

This particular camera seems to focus the way it should and so far I am pleased with the camera.

Vanessa and Anya were home with a cold, so Nadia and I had a daddy / daughter date. We hit The Wild Wheat Bakery in Kent, Glazer’s Camera in Seattle, and the Pike Street Market.

2015-01-24 Nadia and Daddy Date 09-45-322015-01-24 Nadia and Daddy Date 09-53-452015-01-24 Nadia and Daddy Date 09-54-592015-01-24 Nadia and Daddy Date 10-01-552015-01-24 Nadia and Daddy Date 10-26-162015-01-24 Nadia and Daddy Date 12-32-332015-01-24 Nadia and Daddy Date 12-37-062015-01-24 Nadia and Daddy Date 12-42-572015-01-24 Nadia and Daddy Date 12-48-462015-01-24 Nadia and Daddy Date 13-02-072015-01-24 Nadia and Daddy Date 13-06-122015-01-24 Nadia and Daddy Date 13-30-41

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