720/60p is the new 4k — A video shot with the Canon XF200

4k video — it’s neat! It looks awesome, my new iPhone 6s Plus shoots in 4k, my GX8 shoots in 4k, and the newest TVs are 4k. However, when it comes to online and internet distribution of video content, the world just isn’t 4k ready. Facebook only delivers videos in 720/30p. YouTube can deliver 60p video, but most phones can’t. However, more and more, some phone can. Like it or not, most people will either view this site and subsequent video with a mobile device. Finally, these mobile devices as well as YouTube have caught up to the HD era. 720/60p is now all the rage!

Here’s a video I shot recently with the Canon XF200. A device that seems obsolete in many aspects, but when it comes to capturing great audio, a quality video codec, and great lens, it’s really a quality camcorder. It seems as though is was designed to shoot 720/60p for internet distribution.

How’s this video look to you? What device are you viewing it on? Leave a comment below.

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