I cancelled my Fuji X-Pro2 order and bought a Canon 7D Mark II.


Why? Because, I really like my Fuji X-T1. Here’s a list of pros about keeping my X-T1:

  • It responds reasonably well.
  • I’m quite happy with the images.
  • The control layout is wonderful.
  • The tilting LCD is very useful.
  • The EVF is quite nice (not as good as the GX8, but still nice)

Is the X-Pro2 a better camera? In most ways, I’m sure it is. Still, here’s my list of cons:

  • The optical viewfinder doesn’t excite me at all. I would never use it, just the EVF (that’s what I do on the used X-Pro1 I bought).
  • I’d really miss the tilting screen.
  • The cost — it’s expensive in comparison to the excellent X-T1.
  • Most importantly, I’d rather have an updated X-T1 with a better EVF, faster focusing, and more resolution.

For me, I decided I’d rather keep the X-T1 than sell it to upgrade, or have both expensive bodies.

Instead, I decided I’d rather spend the money on a camera that can do something that other cameras in my arsenal cannot do — lots of frames per second. Now, I know mirrorless cameras can do a ton of frames per second, but not with the same AF precision as the 7D Mark II. Dollar for dollar, I was able to buy a new 7D Mark II with a vertical grip, an extra battery, with a free 3TB hard drive, and a free memory card for near the same amount as the X-Pro2. I know, different cameras and uses completely, but Fuji is really charging a big premium for the X-Pro2. I’ve had a 7D Mark II about a year ago that I ended up selling with my 5D Mark III to get the 5DS — a great camera!!! As much as I love the 5DS, when I shoot karate events, I definitely miss the higher FPS of the 7D Mark II.

Why not a 1DX Mark II? Are you kidding!?!?!?!? Have you seen the price?!??!? For what amateur stuff I do, the 7D Mark II will be great. If I were a pro shooting sports and action, I would buy the 1DX Mark II in a heartbeat!

Here are some photos over the past couple of years that I’ve taken with the old Fuji X-T1. It’ll do just fine until the Fuji X-T2 comes out.

March 4th, 2016 Update

The X-T1 is cool, but after reading more and more reviews of the new X-Pro2, I picked one up today at Glazer’s Camera in Seattle. The X-T1 is now for sale. While I prefer the controls, screen, and EVF of the X-T1, the X-Pro2 feels more responsive in terms of shutter lag, the joystick for autofocus control point manipulation is genius, and most importantly the images look great! I did end up buying the 7D Mark II which I use for karate and action photography, but I am now selling my X-T1.

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