First Real World Test of the Sigma 16mm f/1.4 and Rode VideoMic Pro Plus shot on the Sony a6500.

Uncle Anthony is visiting this week, and we celebrated his 31st birthday last night. This was the first time I really I had a chance to shoot some stills (other than test shots) with the new Sigma 16mm lens. The lighting was indeed poor – only a CFL chandelier overhead, but the lens focused slower than I would have liked. I had it set to face focus, f/1.4, and a moderately high ISO, and there was a definitive delay from the time I pressed the shutter to the time it shot. Bottom line regarding the focus, I’ll have to test it more. Also, from what little testing I have done, it’s not a match in terms of speed or build quality to the Fuji 16mm f/1.4. Optically, it’s good, but i think the Fuji is better throughout the frame. Image quality wise, these are quite nice for a crop sensor in low light. The lens looks OK, but doesn’t wow – at least not in these shots. I definitely need to shoot more with this lens – both still and videos in the days to come. Photos were edited using Capture One Pro 11 and Perfectly Clear Complete 3.5.

2017-12-11 Anthony's Birthday 19-26-442017-12-11 Anthony's Birthday 19-27-04

Regarding video though – which is really why I bought the a6500, the lens does admirably in low light (which is also why I bought the lens). AF noise from the lens is audible in a quiet environment, but in this video you can’t hear it. This video was shot at f/1.4, ISO 12,800, no lights were on other than the light above the stove and a disco ball light in the living room. I shot this in Slog3 and converted in DaVinci Resolve 14 – the whole process of which is something new to me. The audio was from the Rode VideoMic Pro Plus and is exactly as it sounds direct from the camera. All in all, I’m quite pleased with the a6500 and Rode VideoMic Pro Plus for a video rig. More to come on the Sigma lens though.

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