Leica 75mm f/2 APO-Summicron-M ASPH Review


Without a doubt, this is my favorite lens and focal length to date for the Leica M system. That pretty much sums up this review right here.

What do I like about it? I actually really like the focal length – a lot! Quite often, other systems use 85mm or 90mm for their portrait lenses. I find those focal lengths aren’t always the most convenient when shooting in tight quarters, nor are they convenient when you are fairly close to your subject. 70mm, like on my Canon 24-70mm, doesn’t have quite enough reach for portraits. However, 75mm seems like a nice step up from 50mm without going too far.

Another benefit of this lens is that it has a fairly close minimum focusing distance (for Leica) of 70cm. This matches my style of shooting because I like to get close to my subject. It produces wonderfully sharp images, has nice bokeh, includes a convenient built in lens hood, renders images with a nice modern contrast, and works well for a multitude of subjects.

Conclusion – it’s great! No complaints. I recommend buying one used though due to the Leica markup. I purchased mine from Ken Hansen.

All shots below were captured using a Leica M262 (except the very last image – which I used a Sony a6500 with a Leica M mount adapter).

2017-11-24 West Hylebos Wetlands Park 11-06-182017-11-24 West Hylebos Wetlands Park 11-12-042017-11-24 West Hylebos Wetlands Park 11-15-172017-11-24 West Hylebos Wetlands Park 11-16-252017-11-24 West Hylebos Wetlands Park 11-23-022017-11-24 West Hylebos Wetlands Park 11-56-202017-11-24 West Hylebos Wetlands Park 12-22-142017-12-25 13.13.46 Sheila2017-12-27 Chinese Lantern Festival in Puyallup 18-00-302018-01-02 Interurban Trail 12-37-592018-01-02 Interurban Trail 12-53-172018-01-02 Interurban Trail 12-58-252018-01-02 Interurban Trail 13-01-08"_åÁƒøF²”ºå•î­õØõ[/êÁ®.`¶àĵfå©Î¼”þ×,˜Ë2018-01-14 Penrose Point State Park 13-07-382018-01-14 Penrose Point State Park 13-28-562018-01-14 Penrose Point State Park 13-47-292018-01-14 Penrose Point State Park 13-56-302018-01-14 Penrose Point State Park 13-57-102018-01-14 Penrose Point State Park 14-08-142018-01-14 Penrose Point State Park 14-37-242018-01-14 Penrose Point State Park 14-40-182018-01-14 Penrose Point State Park 14-49-07
2018-01-15 George Saratsis 10-31-03

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