2018 Washington State aka Puyallup Fair at Night with Fireworks – a GH5S Animorphic Video

Last night, I had a chance to take the Pansonic GH5S out to the Puyallup Fair and shoot some low light / high ISO footage of the rides and fireworks. I shot the footage in 4k / 60P and processed it on a 30p timeline so I could retime the video for slow motion. Since I don’t own an animorphic lens, I used the Panasonic Leica 8-18mm and put the 2.39 guidelines on the camera monitor, then cropped to an animorphic ration in DaVinci Resolve. I think the results are pretty good!

The music is from Shadrew and the track is entitled Wake Up! He gave me permission to use the track for personal use.

I originally heard the track on Nathan Barnatt’s YouTube channel in his new movie entitled Neutral. You can see the film here (go watch it)!

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