West Hylebos Wetlands Park with Snow

I worked this morning, but was able to take some time off midday to go out for a walk and have lunch with Vanessa. It’s the first time we’ve had a chance to hang out with just the two of us since before Christmas break.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it rarely snows, but we had a nice dusting last night. Perfect to go out and shoot some photos. Today, I grabbed the Fuji X-Pro3 and 35mm f/2 lens – both weather sealed and Fuji has become my go to camera system for the snow. Why? Tradition, it just seems that whenever it snows, that’s usually the system I grab.

Today’s shots were all done in the Eterna profile with no post-processing. Also, I primarily used the optical viewfinder in rangefinder mode. It’s quite nice to focus on composition and let the camera worry about the exposure and color settings. Sometimes mirrorless cameras provide you with too much information and detract from the shooting experience. I didn’t want to focus on photography today, it was all about hanging out with my wife, but here are some casual snaps from today.

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