Social Distancing – At West Hylebos Wetlands Park

Even though Washington state is supposed to be practicing social distancing, we’re still allowed to go on outdoor walks. However, since everyone is eager to get outdoors, we’ve discovered that we need to get out of the house early in order to maintain the recommended distance between people.

All of these images were captured with the Canon 28-70mm f/2 lens on an EOS R. While the EOS R isn’t my favorite camera to use, this lens is unlike any other midrange zoom I’ve ever used. I love the ability to shoot down to f/2. It truly is like having a bunch of prime lenses in your bag (including the weight). Capture One Pro and Exposure X5 were the programs that I used to edit these photos.

In case you’re wondering what the rocks are all about. Rock painting is quite a thing here in the northwest. People paint rocks and hide them. Don’t ask me – it’s a thing.

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