Social Distancing – Karate Kata Practice

The longer this social distancing / quasi quarantine goes on, the harder it’s going to be to stay in a productive training routing, eat right, and stay / get in better shape than I’m in now. My goal with documenting and watching my katas is to motivate myself to improve and see / work on the things that I can correct.

One thing that earning a black belt has taught me, is that it takes constant work to maintain the skills that I’ve learned. Furthermore, it gets even harder to stay in shape as you get older – muscles turn to flab (almost overnight), joints hurt, and things that I used to be able to do – I can’t anymore. Fortunately, I train with some amazing people (younger and older than me) that are constantly getting better, are in fantastic shape, and have no excuses. They are an inspiration. I look up to them, and it pushes me to get off my own butt and do something productive with this current situation we’re all in.

Like my last video, I’m posting this to motivate others. If I can get off my tush to practice and improve, then so can you!

After I shot this video, I went inside, did 50 push-ups (not all at once), 50 sit-ups, and used the elliptical for 30 minutes. Tomorrow night will be online cardio kickboxing and karate class.

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