Tolmie State Park

Now that we have a Washington state park pass, we’re starting to venture out more as a family during the shutdown. It’s not over yet, our state has a four phase program, and our county is still in phase one. City parks are closed, but state parks are open. Today we decided to go hiking on a fairly easy trail and then spend some time at the rocky beach in the park.

I took along the EOS R with the RF 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. This lens and combo is a pleasure to use! The lens isn’t that heavy, and due to its compact nature, I was able to carry it in my Think Tank Retrospective 7 v2. One mistake I made was keeping the polarizer on the whole time during our hike. Even though it was broad daylight, in the trees it was quite dark. When I got back home and looked at the photos, a lot of them were at ISO 10,000 and 12,800! Of course this degrades the image quality, but I’m still pleased with the overall performance.

In the future, unless I’m trying to get some far away shots, I think I’ll opt for a wide angle lens like the 15-35mm. Some photographers take multiple lenses, but I stopped doing that years ago for a few different reasons: heavy, potential for damage / dust / dirt / etc., and I’d rather just see what I can get with the lens I have with me.

These were all edited in Lightroom on my iPad and then further tweaked in Lightroom Classic. I mainly used the Landscape Canon profile, but also used Adobe’s Landscape, and then a few miscellaneous LUTs and presets that I own as well.

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