East Moscow Mountain

We tried something new as a family today, we got up and out early. We, headed to the East Moscow Mountain Trail. It’s an old logging road that is relatively easy to hike up, but quite long for two little kids – especially as things started to heat up.

The drive out to the mountain was easy enough. The all wheel drive on my new Subaru handled the gravel roads with ease, but the real test was yet to come. As we approached the hiking trail entrance, the road turned to a washed out, torn up, and disheveled mess. After asking some nearby folk that were getting ready to head out on their quads, if we were heading the correct way, they informed us we were. Nervous, but willing to test out if the Subaru would live up to it’s hype, we made our way up the bumpy and worn out road. At the top, there was a fairly large gap between the road and the “parking spots.” There was already a RAV4 parked there, so I figured if they could do it, so could we. Sure enough, the Forester was able to handle that type of rough terrain without issue!

At the top of the trail, we heard gunshots. Some idiots were shooting cans in the middle of a clearing, but they were shooting towards a part of the trail. No one got hurt, but it didn’t seem like the smartest thing to be doing.

The view at the top is quite nice, but there is some trash at the top and some burn out campfires. A great way to spend the fourth of July during this COVID19 season.

On the way down, we had to hop off the road so the folks riding their quads could get through. As we stood there waiting for them to pass, within seconds, there were hundreds of ants all over my little one’s pink sweat pants! I had to swipe them away with my bare hands!!! 😫

For this hike, I brought along the Nikon Z6 and the new 20mm f/1.8 S lens – it’s a sharp and fast focusing lens. No complaints! I also used a polarizer to help darken the skies and add some color to the scene. By the way, I don’t use pot, but liked the Tye Dye shirt. Ever year when we visit the Palouse, we stop by Tye Dye Everything and pick up some hand made pieces. Incidentally, they do mail order too!

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