Deception Pass State Park Jet Boat Tour

Yesterday’s hike due to the unexpected heat, was quite a bit more taxing than we planned. Rather than go on another hike today, we were able to get discounted tickets (due to COVID and a decrease in tourists) to a jet boat tour through Deception Pass. The tour is about 45 minutes – which is plenty long enough. Definitely worth doing if you’re a tourist in the area.

On the way back, we stopped at K R Farms The Stand (that’s seriously the name) to have some home made ice cream. There was a group of bikers wearing their leather sitting down for ice cream – definitely not the scariest bunch of bikers I’ve ever seen, and they were all to happy to let me take their photo.

All images are straight out of camera (with the exception of the close up biker / ice cream photo) – shot with the X-T4 and 10-24mm f/4 lens.

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