Nikon Z6 II – First Test Shots

I’ve owned a Z6 for a couple of years now, and while I have enjoyed the image quality, the autofocus hasn’t been the greatest for eye detection. Well, with the Z6 II and the latest firmware – 1.2 as of the time of this writing, Nikon has been advertising better autofocus. From what I can tell, it is indeed more accurate and better than the original Z6. Now, it’s not Sony a9 or Canon EOS R5 good, but better than previous Nikons. The reason that I stick with the Nikon Z series is because I really like the Nikon prime lenses. They’ve got better options than Canon currently, and I enjoy the Nikon system more than Sony. I’ll write a full review later on, but here are some low light shots done with the 24mm f/1.8 S lens, processed in Lightroom. I mainly used continuous autofocus, eye detection, and tracking for the majority of the shots.

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