2022-03-29 Yoko Teriyaki Car Crash

I have wonderful and amazing friends, and wanted to say Thank You to each and every one of them that helped out today!

Today, Vanessa, La June, and I had lunch at Yoko. It was great, we left, and went about our day. I had to telephone Kim (the owner) for something after we left, and she couldn’t talk because someone had just driven into her restaurant. We ate lunch at that booth right next to the drivers seat! Kim explained had we not left when we did, we could have been hit. It happened five or ten minutes after we left!

Luckily, no one was injured!!!

On my way back to the restaurant, I called Tony Bennest and Alicia Harris Bennest (friends, my Senseis, and the owners and head instructors at Karate Edge) since they’re friends with Kim too.
I also telephoned Jim Akehurst (my general contractor and good friend) and asked if he would be able to seal up the restaurant being that the front had just been destroyed. Jim called up his buddy Kacey (another one of my friends).

Tony called Aaron Strong from Strong Trucking who also happens to be another one of my karate Senseis. He brought along one of his colleagues and a beautiful and massive dump truck.
Everyone chipped in, sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning up, offering Kim hugs, and making plans to help her reopen tomorrow for carryout.

I’m thankful and proud to be friends with these wonderful people. They all dropped everything to lend a hand.

Now I’ve got to run to Karate Edge for class at 7 with Aaron Strong and Tony Bennest.

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