Optimus Prime R5 – Canon Transformer

Canon made a Transformer toy of their R5! I haven’t purchased a Transformer in over 30+ years, but I had to buy this one!

Sadly, It’s not made as well as the toys of my youth. This toy is mainly plastic and not die cast metal. There’s no way it would stand up to the play of my 10 year old self.

Silly me though, I expected it to be the same size as a real Canon R5, but it’s quite a bit smaller. Also, the lens cap isn’t a genuine Canon lens cap. That spring loaded feel you get when you pinch the ends of a lens cap is missing. Granted, it has a hinge / handle on the back end so that Optimus Prime can hold it as a shield. Still, It’s a cheap knockoff of an already cheap part – a missed opportunity

Didn’t even know this toy existed until I saw a Jared Polin YouTube video. He said they were now available in the US, but were released in Japan last year. He also said that the Optimus Primes were sold out. Fortunately, there’s quite a few new ones available on eBay. I ended up buying this one direct from Japan.

Is it silly, childish, overpriced, and worth it? Yes, yes, yes, and no. Still, it’s cool and fun.

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