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Second Annual End of Summer BBQ with Shane and Janine

The light was getting low, so I shot most of these images at f/2, a high ISO – a lot at 6400 (which is problematic for the M262), and slow shutter speeds. One thing that […]

Georgetown Seattle with the Leica 28mm and 75mm Summicron Lenses

Thanks Grandma Marmie! For the first time all year, my wife and I got to go out for an overnighter without the kids. We headed up to Seattle to go to Georgetown and see a […]

Leica 28mm f/2 Summicron – First Images

28mm is a bit wider than I’m used to shooting, but I’m really starting to enjoy the focal length. As far as the lens is concerned, it’s definitely one of the sharpest lenses I’ve ever […]

Olympus E-M1 Mark II Raw Conversions in Capture One 10 and 4K Video

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we seldom get snow. When we do, even if it’s really wet and slushy, people get all giddy about playing in it. However, many people get all kerfuffled — schools shut down, […]

Olympus E-M1 Mark II — First day in the real world. Photos and Videos

Today was the first time I really had a chance to go out and take some photos and video with the Olympus E-M1 Mark II. It’s too soon for me to do a review, but […]

First attempt at using a rangefinder for street photography — Fuji X-Pro2

Most street photography is absolute garbage. Far too often, the bulk of street photography shots are boring, un-engaging, creepy, intrusive, and utterly voyeuristic trash. Not to mention cliche’ — “oh look, a wrinkled homeless person” — YAWN! Also, the […]

Pentax Q — Part Deux

This past week, I took a couple of days off to go to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA with the family (both of our kids birthdays and our wedding anniversary are in […]

Sita’s senior photos in the rain — shot with a Fuji X-T2 and Fuji 50–140mm f/2.8

Taking senior photos in the Puget Sound during mid October can only mean one thing — rain. No point in rescheduling, no point in getting upset about it, and no point in trying to pay […]

First night with a Pentax Q and 01 lens

I wasn’t in the market for a Pentax, or even another camera. However, I found a great deal on Craigslist for a Q and the 01 lens for $120! Considering that you can sell the […]

Bellevue Botanical Gardens in the Fall — Canon 5DS and Canon 35mm f/1.4L II

As much as I love using mirrorless cameras, the Canon 5DS just has so much resolution and clarity that I’m constantly amazed! These were all shot with the Canon 35mm f/1.4L II lens, just a […]

Using an Olympus 17mm f/1.8 on a Panasonic GX8

Using an Olympus 17mm f/1.8 on a Panasonic GX8 You’ll probably laugh, but I’ve actually bought and sold the Olympus 17mm f/1.8 a few times in the past. Why? Well, I’ve though about moving away […]

2016 Yakima Karate Tournament Weekend

Last weekend, Nadia and I drove to Yakima, WA to compete in a karate tournament hosted by the Yakima School of Karate. It’s the third time Nadia and I have attended together. On the way […]