Pumpkin Picking

I love autumn — when it’s not cold and rainy. The colors are beautiful, the temperature is just right, the days aren’t too long nor are they too short, and the air feels clean and crisp.

For the second year in a row now, our family ventured down to Picha Farms in Puyallup. You can see their Facebook page right here: http://www.pichafarms.com/pumpkins.php. Going there has become an annual event for our family. There’s a hay ride, great photo opportunities, a pumpkin slingshot, popcorn, a corn maze, and of course pumpkins. The only thing that doesn’t cost is your admission. Still, the kids can run around and have fun — within reason (we’re not those annoying parents that let their kids go crazy and misbehave). Of course, the scenery makes for some great photos too.

These pictures were shot between one and two o’clock in the afternoon, mid-day sunlight, harsh shadows, and no flash. I used the Olympus E-M1, 12–40mm f/2.8, and a polarizer (that really helped with the sky and also the color of the pumpkins). Image processing was done in Lightroom and finished off with Alien Skin Exposure 6.

2014-09-27 Pumpkin Picking 13-50-512014-09-27 Pumpkin Picking 13-46-492014-09-27 Pumpkin Picking 13-30-232014-09-27 Pumpkin Picking 13-24-592014-09-27 Pumpkin Picking 13-22-182014-09-27 Pumpkin Picking 13-21-582014-09-27 Pumpkin Picking 13-15-002014-09-27 Pumpkin Picking 13-14-472014-09-27 Pumpkin Picking 13-11-452014-09-27 Pumpkin Picking 13-10-452014-09-27 Pumpkin Picking 13-07-04

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