Pentax Q — Part Deux

This past week, I took a couple of days off to go to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA with the family (both of our kids birthdays and our wedding anniversary are in October). I knew I wasn’t going to be shooting lots of images, and I sure didn’t feel like lugging around anything big, fancy, or expensive. So, I figured it’s a perfect time to take along my bargain camera — the Pentax Q.

Before we headed down though, Anya had her ballet lesson down the street…

The ballet school’s dog.

Then we headed down to the hotel. Waterslides, a wave pool, and entertained children! I really didn’t take a lot of photos since the majority of the time, we were in the pool, but I did manage to snap a few pics over the couple of days.

Our friend Ronald and Anya.

All of these kids have October birthdays.

Every photo above was edited in Lightroom — it seems to be the best raw converter for the Pentax Q files.

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Originally published at on October 24, 2016.

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