Had I Remembered, I Would Have Brought My Camera.

Normally, Vanessa takes Anya to ballet and I’m getting ready to head off to karate. However, today was Anya’s birthday, and so I was going to take her to ballet while Vanessa put the finishing touches on Anya’s party. The plan was to drop Anya off at ballet and pick her up after her class. Normally, parents are discouraged from being in the studio because it’s too distracting to the kids, but her teacher makes an exception the first Tuesday of the month. Well, today was that day. Had I remembered this, I would have brought my camera.

Fortunately, I had my iPhone 6s Plus with me. I opened up Lightroom Mobile and switched to the camera function, put the camera in manual mode, and shot DNG. It works, but it’s far from ideal. There’s a delay when pressing the screen for a shutter release. The phone gets hot. Also, the battery life gets completely thrashed when shooting raw, but it’s better than nothing.

These shots were then developed using the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom and then ran through Athentech Perfectly Clear Complete. Bad lighting, fixed lens, but overall quite useable. Since it’s Anya’s birthday, she got to wear the blue crown.

2017-10-03 Anya's Ballet Class 16-17-132017-10-03 Anya's Ballet Class 16-37-072017-10-03 Anya's Ballet Class 16-37-302017-10-03 Anya's Ballet Class 16-37-342017-10-03 Anya's Ballet Class 16-40-102017-10-03 Anya's Ballet Class 16-46-562017-10-03 Anya's Ballet Class 16-47-062017-10-03 Anya's Ballet Class 16-58-57

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