Snow in May? Cottonwood Storm 2018

Earlier this week, the parking lot at my work was covered in cottonwood. It was even falling from the sky like snow!

At lunchtime, I took some shots with my iPhone, but knew I needed a REAL camera. So, I grabbed my Canon 5D Mark IV and Tamron 90mm – the newest one with VC.

After work, I spent quite some time going trough the parking lot looking for some interesting shots.

Images were processed using Capture One Pro 11 and Athentech Perfectly Clear. The images have a magenta hue, but green just seems gross to me, and I kinda like the tone in these.

2018-05-21 Cottonwood Storm 15-36-152018-05-21 Cottonwood Storm 15-37-042018-05-21 Cottonwood Storm 15-38-472018-05-21 Cottonwood Storm 15-43-312018-05-21 Cottonwood Storm 15-46-022018-05-21 Cottonwood Storm 15-47-392018-05-21 Cottonwood Storm 15-48-122018-05-21 Cottonwood Storm 15-50-332018-05-21 Cottonwood Storm 15-51-22

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