Lutify.Me Review – 3D LUTS in Capture One

Always on the lookout for ways to make my photo editing better and easier, I found a company call Lutify.Me. They specialize in LUTs (look up tables) for photo and video, but what piqued my curiosity was this page here. They advertise using LUTs in Capture One. They’ve basically created custom ICC profiles for Capture One using their LUTs. This means these styles function much differently than your typical style or preset pack that you find online. I reviewed a very good preset pack recently put out by RNI, but this one by Lutify.Me functions much differently and in my opinion is superior. Check out the video for more info.

Below are some photos from this last weekend on the Palouse that were edited using Capture One adjustments after a Lutify.Me style was initially selected. They were finalized using Perfectly Clear. It was wonderful to have so many creative options and retain full slider functionality compared to other presets. Pics were captured using a Sony RX1R II and available light.

2018-07-13 Pullman 10-40-582018-07-13 Pullman 10-43-082018-07-13 Pullman 10-46-092018-07-13 Pullman 20-00-232018-07-13 Pullman 20-01-232018-07-13 Pullman 20-05-572018-07-13 Pullman 20-08-382018-07-13 Pullman 20-11-222018-07-13 Pullman 20-17-022018-07-13 Pullman 20-21-472018-07-13 Pullman 20-26-542018-07-13 Pullman 20-28-482018-07-13 Pullman 20-50-322018-07-13 Vanessa's PHS class of 1993 25th year reunion 17-55-342018-07-13 Vanessa's PHS class of 1993 25th year reunion 18-49-382018-07-14 Pullman 10-45-222018-07-14 Pullman 11-14-552018-07-14 Vanessa's PHS class of 1993 25th year reunion 21-30-502018-07-14 Vanessa's PHS class of 1993 25th year reunion 21-44-022018-07-14 Vanessa's PHS class of 1993 25th year reunion 22-10-50

Bottom line? I highly recommend this product. It’s well worth the $59 they are charging.

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