Photolemur 3 Review

Photolemur 3 is an automated photo enhancement application with the goal of improving your images with little or no work on your part. To that end, it does work rather well with the caveat that it is rather slow. In this video, I’ll show you a typical workflow and demonstrate the before and and results as well as my conclusion.

Here’s some before and after shots. The before are the out of camera JPEGs. The after were converted from the RAW file with no tweaks. The conversions look way better than out of camera JPEGs. If you need quick turnaround, but don’t have time to sit in front of the computer and edit, the default conversions are a great way to go! It will take time to convert though, so go to something else while your computer is working.

2018-09-03 Out of Camera JPEG 16-39-242018-09-03 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 16-39-242018-09-03 Out of Camera JPEG 14-06-512018-09-03 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 14-06-512018-09-03 Out of Camera JPEG 13-41-122018-09-03 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 13-41-122018-09-03 Out of Camera JPEG 12-05-322018-09-03 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 12-05-322018-09-03 Out of Camera JPEG 12-03-002018-09-03 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 12-03-002018-09-03 Out of Camera JPEG 11-21-252018-09-03 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 11-21-252018-09-03 Out of Camera JPEG 11-19-162018-09-03 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 11-19-162018-09-03 Out of Camera JPEG 11-14-182018-09-03 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 11-14-182018-08-31 Out of Camera JPEG 13-57-592018-08-31 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 13-57-592018-08-31 Out of Camera JPEG 13-34-012018-08-31 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 13-34-012018-08-31 Out of Camera JPEG 12-52-222018-08-31 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 12-52-222018-08-31 Out of Camera JPEG 12-36-502018-08-31 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 12-36-502018-08-31 Out of Camera JPEG 11-56-222018-08-31 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 11-56-222018-08-31 Out of Camera JPEG 11-08-012018-08-31 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 11-08-012018-08-31 Out of Camera JPEG 10-38-112018-08-31 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 10-38-112018-08-31 Out of Camera JPEG 10-33-122018-08-31 RAW - Converted with Photolemur 10-33-12


  1. Easy without a lot of options.
  2. Good results.
  3. Stable


  1. Slow. I mean really slow. Go do something else while they are converting.
  2. Face enhancements are hit and miss.
  3. Can’t tweak individual options. Just the amount of the effect.
  4. File save-as dialog box is confusing and buggy.

It’s worth the price. It’s definitely useful. For me, I’ll probably stick with Perfectly Clear because it has more options to get the desired effects I want. Furthermore, it’s a better batch editing tool with the ability to change parameters for each image – not all or nothing. It is double to triple the cost though.

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