Missouri Botanical Garden – St. Louis

Where else do you go on a cold winter day in St. Louis? An outdoor botanical garden of course! Today alone, my Fuji X-T3 and 23mm f/2 had already been rained on, now time for some cold weather.

It was COLD outside – cold with a capital BRRRRR! Luckily, the rest of the time, I was able to spend indoors. Coming in from the freezing temperatures, the greenhouse was a sauna. Poof! My glasses and camera lens were instantaneously fogged, but after a few minutes of acclimating and wiping off moisture, I was ready to go. It’s actually a lovely place to go to on a cold day!

After the greenhouse, I was done. It had been a busy day, and there was still tomorrow. By the time I took an Uber back to the hotel, nightfall was approaching and it was starting to snow.

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