St. Louis Art Museum

It was now Tuesday. One more day to play before attending classes and training. However, today was going to be colder than the day before. What to do as a tourist on a very cold day? The Art Museum! It’s easily the best museum that I’ve ever walked through. Amazingly, it’s free! They had a visiting exhibit that you could pay to see, but the majority of everything else is free to walk through. There’s also many different genres and periods of art to peruse. Something for everyone.

Unlike the day before where I had the tourist destinations to myself, the museum was fairly busy with school kids and other tourists.

I love the angel with the sword near the bottom!

The geometric pattern on the pitcher below is not a Nazi symbol. It predates the SS by hundreds of years and is simply a geometric design.

This next eleven images were of the paid exhibit. It was interesting, but not fine art. Certainly nothing that I would pay for again, nor would I recommend seeing them. There were a few pieces though that I thought were worth photographing, but they were few and far between.

That was it for the paid exhibit, now on to the rest of the main museum. Next stop was the modern art area. There was a series of portraits that were quite striking and very large pieces of art. Here’s a couple of pieces.

I thought this next exhibit was a joke. It’s pieces of glass painted grey on one side. They’re quite reflective, but it’s a grayish reflection. I was watching people intently look at the four pieces of glass with wonder and intrigue. What the heck were they looking at? Upon further inspection, I realized that they were looking at four reflective pieces of glass that were painted grey on one side. Such talent! Such art! So much arting going on!

You’re joking – right?

On to the abstract, some of them are quite interesting, but nowhere the same amount of artistic technique as the religious works that I saw earlier in the museum.

You won’t be able to convince me that these next two paintings are art.

Thank goodness that nonsense isn’t the whole museum. There’s quite a few other sections as well to explore – other time periods and other geographical regions as well.

This last area was completely unexpected. Egyptian mummies!!!

I’ve never spend so long in an art museum before, but this museum is something special. I would definitely recommend going there and I would even go there again to explore. Quite a gem!

Well, there’s still time to explore, but it’s freezing outside. I know! I’ll go to the zoo. An outdoor zoo!

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