St. Louis Zoo

Seriously, who goes to an outdoor zoo on a freezing cold day? Nobody! There were probably less than forty people throughout the entire zoo that day. Why did I even go? It was just down the street from the museum, it had free admission, and people had raved about online. As far as zoos go, it’s OK. Perhaps it’s more impressive on a summer day, but they did have some nice indoor exhibits. Quite a few of the animals were indoors due to the extreme temperatures, and some exhibits were closed until the spring.

I only had the Fuji 23mm f/2 lens with me, a longer lens would have been great, but I made do.

Luckily, the zoo has many indoor viewing areas too, but they can be depressing since the animals are in relatively small cages, but it was really too cold for them to be outdoors. Normally at zoos, the animals mostly ignore people, but since there was nobody in there when I entered, the all gave me their attention.

The primates were all indoors in relatively small cages. Compared with our local zoo in Seattle, the Seattle zoo gives their primates much more room to explore and swing around in.

A very cold and empty zoo.

One interesting part of the zoo, is the indoor reptile building. There were a multitude of snakes, alligators, and even some very large tortoises.

Well, by this time it was approaching mid afternoon and I still hadn’t eaten lunch. The admin person at my physical therapist’s office recommended that I check out Protzel’s – a kosher deli in town. After hailing and Uber, I was on my way…

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