Milton Days with Karate Edge

This past weekend was the Milton Days parade. This is an annual event in which the karate school that I attend participates. It’s the largest showing of the school’s karate students (other than the Yakima tournament) year round. It’s also the single largest recruiting event the school does. Many students volunteer their time running the various booths the school puts on, but I help the dojo with their social media presence by taking photos and videos of the events.

I brought along my Panasonic S1R and 24-105mm lens, shot it in continual face detect autofocus mode, and set it to the highest FPS it could shoot. This lens and camera do a great job together – now it’s not anywhere’s close to the Sony a9 in terms of responsiveness and focus speed, but the resolution is double that of the a9 and the images look great!

Also, I shot the demo team’s performance – their best one to date, and used the camera in vivid mode (hence the saturation) with a fairly warm white balance, set it to manual focus, and 4K / 60p to shoot the action. YouTube had to mute part of the demonstration due to a copyright claim on a song in the middle. There’s a part where Mr. Adams – the guy with the big spear has the blade cut a big hole in his new uniform and it even goes into his leg! Luckily, he was fine with small band-aid, and was fine the very next day. He was LUCKY!!!

There’s things I wished the camera could do better, but you can’t argue with the final results.

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