Tacoma Night Market at Alma Mater

During the cold, dark, and dreary Saturday nights of the late fall, there’s an evening market in Tacoma that’s been going on for many years now, but this is the first time we’ve had a chance to check it out. Food, drink, sweets, new and old -there’s ton stuff you didn’t know you could live without

I took all the photos here with the Zeiss 25mm f/2.4 lens on a Sony a7R III. Looking at the images, they remind me a lot of the Leica 28mm f/2 Summicron that I used to shoot with. However, the shooting experience with the EVF and digital magnification while focusing, along with the dynamic range of the Sony files make for a technically better final image. Part of me misses shooting with a Leica. Though I might go back to Leica some day, the cost is quite off putting. For now, the Zeiss Loxia lenses are good enough, but I really do miss the Leica 28 and 50mm Summicron lenses.

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