Bluetooth Stopped Working on My 2019 16� MacBook Pro

I’m posting this in case anyone else has this issue and is searching for answers. If you Google long enough, you’ll see lots of people are having similar problems with their 2019 MacBook Pro and Bluetooth. Mine stopped working suddenly two days ago, and all the suggested fixes online didn’t work. I spent hours troubleshooting this issue, even reinstalled a fresh copy of the OS, did various PRAM and SMC resets, as well as deleted Library files, etc. I even spoke with Apple directly, and went through all of their tests. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. The Bluetooth module just wouldn’t work anymore. Luckily, BestBuy let me do an exchange for a new MacBook. I was fortunate to have bought the laptop during the holiday shopping season and they had an extended return period. Otherwise, I would have had to send it into Apple for repair.

I have a love hate relationship with Apple. They ignore and downplay defects in their hardware and software until the problem is too big to ignore. Their Genius Bar is a joke, and they don’t allow third parties to fix their products. Compounding that problem, they now charge an exorbitant amount of money for their AppleCare Plus service – it’s almost as if they know there’s going to be a problem..

As much as I hate the way they treat their customers, I do like their products when they work.

In conclusion, if your Bluetooth stops responding on your 16� MacBook Pro, it’s probably a widespread problem that’s just starting to show up now. I’m hoping mine stays working and I get lucky, if not, then maybe Louis Rossman from the Rossman Repair Group out of New York can fix it.

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