Ruby Beach

This beach was so much fun! Easily the highlight of the vacation. The scenery was incredible! The tide was going out, so we were able to see some sea life up close as well!

Normally, I don’t use filters on the lens as they technically degrade image quality. However, when it comes to water and beaches, I highly recommend using a filter to protect your lens from the spray and sand. In this case, I used two filters on the Panasonic 16-35mm f/4 lens. One of which was a circular polarizer, the other was a neutral density filter. I even brought along a tripod – one of those heavy monstrosities from the dark ages. I tried to use as slow of a shutter speed as possible by using those filters and stopping way down. The goal was to make the water appear as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, when you shoot at f/22 – any and all dust on the sensor becomes readily apparent. It took quite a bit of spot healing to fix the skies in those shots.

The up close photos were taken with the Fuji X100V. Such a great little camera and so much better than any of the previous X100 cameras – I’ll be reviewing the camera later on, but you can see the images here. I also had a filter (UV) on the X100V as well to protect the lens from the ocean spray.

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