Swan Creek Trail and Tacoma Lincoln International District

It’s fun to be a tourist near home. Tacoma is getting nicer and there are plenty of places to explore. Swan Creek is one such area. We met up with some friends of ours and took the kids on a hike. Well, we ended up going up the creek and ignored the path, got a little wet, but had a good time. Afterwards we headed to Tacoma’s international district.

First stop bubble tea – mine had basil seeds, grass jelly, fresh coconut, longan berries, tapioca boba, and was in coconut water. We also had some wonderful mochi baked goods that were filled with gooey goodness – taro root in one, Nutella in another, chocolate chips in the third, and the fourth was plain.

Lastly, we ended up at Hong Kong Supermarket – not bad for Tacoma, but I prefer H-Mart, Uwajimaya, and 99 more.

All images were captured with the a7RIV and Loxia 25mm.

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