Testing the Fuji 27mm at the Federal Way Rhododendron Garden Review

Arguably one of the worst lenses for the Fuji X-Mount, I bought one used. After testing it out, I can say for certain, it isn’t one of their best. Still, I like it! Here are my random thoughts on this lens:

  • It’s lightweight
  • Small
  • Flares (can be a good thing creatively)
  • Slow focusing
  • Cheap
  • Sharp(ish) when stopped down

It’s the kind of lens I would put in the bag if your intent is low-fi type shots. In today’s case, we went out midday with harsh sunlight. So, I planned to just exploit that and turn it to an advantage – go for the flare, go for the washed out sky, and edit using LUTs that are meant to look less than perfect.

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