Second, but First Outing with the Fuji GFX 50R and 45mm f/2.8

The previous Fuji GFX 50R post was shot with a used camera, but since then Fuji has lowered the price of their new GFX 50R bodies to the same price that I paid for a used one. Glazer’s Camera offered me a couple of hundred dollars back on the used one I purchased as a result, or offered me a full refund, if I wanted to purchase a new one. It was worth it to me to have a new one with a warranty, so I made the swap. The lens I purchased last week was used, and still the best price out there, so I kept it. Besides, it’s in fantastic condition.

The first couple of images from today’s gallery are of Mable – my 21 year old cat. She sat down in the sun and was looking up at the window – just long enough for me to snap a couple of photos. Later in the afternoon, we headed to Tacoma to visit a store called Tinkertopia. They sell a lot of interesting knick knacks and doodads for art and creative purposes. The kids love it, and it makes for some interesting photos.

All images were edited using Lightroom.

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