Port Townsend Farmers Market and For Worden

We had a chance to explore the farmers market this morning. It was nice, but this town is so paranoid of the coronavirus that any and all logic is thrown out the window. Even if you’re vaccinated, they are still heavily wearing masks – even outdoors. It made going to the farmers market less enjoyable than it could have been. It had the lively and fun atmosphere of a funeral. That being said, I’d like to go back after covid to really get the full experience.

Fort Worden was quite a bit for fun with the exception of the aquarium. The aquatic museum was painfully boring with no hands-on exhibits because of covid. The aquarium was small, but fun to look at – albeit through foggy glasses and a mask. However, outside of that, people were actually outdoors enjoying themselves and exploring the sites.

There’s a nice beach in the park, a place to get a greasy hamburger and fries, and a building covered in bird poop! You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that photographed a building covered in bird poop. Of course, I had to as well.

The main highlight though was the old fort itself. After a little hike, you’re greeted with many dark buildings and a few tunnels to explore. Great for kids to run around and scare one another.

For these shots, I used the Nikon Z6 II and the 24mm f/1.8 S lens. All photos were edited in Lightroom on my iPad using the new Adobe presets that are included with Lightroom. I’m really enjoying these presets! What took them so long in creating and including their own?

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