4th of July Vacation in Pullman / Moscow With the Fuji X100V

Covid is effectively over in Washington State (everyone is ignoring the Delta variant in the news), most people are vaccinated, and the mask mandate has been lifted. We stayed at my mother’s home for the first time in two years, and had a wonderful week visiting with friends and family.

It was very hot this week, and I knew we wouldn’t be doing any serious hikes nor any major site seeing, the 4th of July community picnic and festivities were also canceled. Thus, the X100V was sufficient to get some closeups of some plants during and evening stroll to Lawson Gardens. It’s diminutive size made it convenient when visiting the farmers market (with our hands full of berries), grabbing a burger at Cougar County, and capturing a family moment of repotting a snake plant. For the fireworks, the intervalometer worked great! I put the camera on a small tripod, set the exposure manually, the white balance to tungsten, manual focused to infinity and then backed it off a skosh, and then made a few adjustments as the fireworks got brighter towards the finale. Lastly, we had a tea party on my mother’s fine china. It was the first time in my life that I ever got to use it!

All photos were edited in Lightroom on my iPad.

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