iPhone 12 Pro Max – Apple ProRAW

I’ve been using the iPhone 12 Pro Max more and more to shoot and edit photos. It’s a great camera that’s always with you. Now with the iOS implementation of RAW, it’s even easier to get good results. Moreover, you can use RAW on any of the built in cameras!

Before Apple ProRAW (which is really just a DNG file), you could shoot RAW photos with the Lightroom app and edit the photos within the app. It’s an effective solution that I’ve used on previous iPhone models, but it requires an extra app and isn’t as intuitive as the native camera app.

The built in Photos app, makes editing and sharing your photos quite easy. The only complaint I have, is that you cannot copy your edits from one photo to the next like you can in Lightroom. Thus, if you have a set of multiple photos that all need the same tweaks, you’ll have to edit each photo manually – a tedious process and difficult to reproduce the same results.

Here are some photos from the last few outings where I didn’t have a camera with me. An impromptu walk on the beach, around the neighborhood after a storm, a gas station bathroom (the funky sink), a bike ride, driving across the state at sundown (camera was packed and hidden in the luggage), another bike ride (a 13 mile one), and at the pool while the kids were horsing around. Also, it’s a waterproof camera!

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