Migrating to a New Blogging Platform

Switching from one blogging platform to another can be a daunting and overwhelming task.

Migrating to a New Blogging Platform

My old Wordpress blog contains hundreds of posts. Many of them utilize photo galleries made with a third party plugin. The problem? They don't export or convert to another blogging platform easily. What to do?

Just Switch / To Heck With It

If you have a newer solutions that works better for your workflow or aesthetic - just switch. Don't even bother about migrating your old content. It's OK to have more than one site.

I learned this years ago by reading the Dilbert blog over at TypePad.

Blog relocation Starting today, this blog is moving to http://dilbert.com/blog/.
There you will be able to vote on comments, and the best ones will float to the top.
— Scott1

Change The Domain Name of Your Old Blog

For myself, I wanted to keep my most current blog at Bershatsky.com. However, for no cost, I just changed the domain of my old blog to Old.Bershatsky.com.

Put a Final Announcement on Your Old Blog

Again, following the Scott Adams / Dilbert Blog example above, post one last time on the old blog a link to your new content. For myself, I found a plugin to put a text message at the top of any and all pages and posts of my old blog. It simply states the following:

For newer posts and photos, please check out Bershatsky Blog and Bershatsky Photo.

Reduce Costs of the Old Site

I was hosting Wordpress over on Digital Ocean for $7+ dollars a month. While it's not super expensive, it adds up. Also, why pay to host old and out of date content? Fortunately, there are free options.

This article and blog are actually hosted for free (with the help of Github and Cloudflare Pages).

I was able to move my Wordpress to the same server and utilize some other free services to keep it runnings smoothly - namely JetPack and Cloudflare. Are there better options? Yes, but with a cost - not necessary for me, but your mileage may vary.

Full Steam Ahead

Don't look back, don't bother moving your old stuff or correcting it - it's a waste of time. Instead, focus on new content, enjoy creating, and have fun!

  1. The above quote is excerpted from The Dilbert Blog over at TypePad, May 08, 2008.

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