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Don’t Take Your Battery Out While Recording on your GH5 or GH5S

Today was an important day at the Karate school that I attend. Super Dan, a martial art legend, was coming to the dojo to teach an Arnis/Eskrima seminar. I was tasked with the important job […]

Selling on Amazon and the A to Z Guarantee Scam

I’ve been selling my used photography gear on Amazon for a few years now. It’s been good, but it’s also been horrible! First, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of selling on […]

OBS 20.1.3 Setup Tutorial with Webcam Audio Delay Fix

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is the de facto standard for streaming and recording tutorials for the web. It’s free, it’s powerful, and it’s a pain! A/V sync issues abound, it’s not intuitive, and without a […]

Can you use your Leica M camera and lenses in the rain and near the beach?

This question is one that I’ve been pondering as we enter the rainy season here in the Puget Sound and as I plan for an upcoming trip to Maui. If you read various forums and […]

How to fix your iPhone charging port and headphone port

My iPhone would intermittently start and stop charging and so I went to the Apple Store to have my iPhone fixed or replaced under AppleCare. The Apple specialist took a paperclip and dug it into […]

Preventing entitlement in children

We were experiencing some entitlement issues the with our children the other night (taking an upcoming vacation for granted). Thus, we decided it was time for an immediate change! They weren’t understanding all of the […]

Canon 5DS and 5D Mark IV Micro Focus Adjustments

A vlog entry about micro focus adjustments with lens recipes. These settings may or may not help you, but these are the numbers I settled on. Micro Focus Adjustments Canon 5DS and 5D Mark IV […]

Terrible Customer Service Problems we’ve all had, and solutions (Comcast, Verizon, Amazon, etc.)

Problem #1 — English as a secondary language. As an American, I expect customer service representatives of American companies to communicate the same way I do. As American’s we have a certain tempo to our speech, a […]

How to easily organize your wife’s / husband’s photos

This article has been written with Vanessa’s permission. If you’re like me, then your photos are neatly organized and backed up. Here’s how I do it: Everything is organized into folders using Lightroom. Each photo […]

Photo workflow as of 12–30–2015

I’m always looking for an easy and fast way to get the colors, contrast, cropping, and toning to look just right for any particular set up images. Quite often, I shoot RAW+JPEG and just post […]

Fake Followers

I blog for a few different reasons: Fun. Share what I’ve learned Show off my photography and to become a better photographer. To get feedback and learn from others. Become a better writer. The nice […]

I don’t use UV filters.

With regards to UV filters, it’s a long debated issue. Here are three pro viewpoints on the issue. 1. Matt Granger: 2. Here’s The Camera Store’s own Chris Nichols discussing lens hoods. 3. Lastly, here’s […]