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Free Capture One Styles

Free Capture One Styles


Truly FREE Capture One Pro 9 styles - no ads, no spam, no catch, nothing to join, and free to download. Start downloading them now! The link is to a shared Google Drive folder - real high tech, right? I'll continue to add styles to this folder, but you'll be able to see updates with before and after shots on my regular blog (intermixed with my other posts) - Bershatsky.com. Also, for convenience, you can see all post tagged with Free Capture One Styles here.

What's a Capture One "style" anyway? It's a recipe of sliders and image adjustments saved into a tiny file. That's it! Someone moved some sliders, made some tweaks, and saved a file. Anybody can make them!

Paying for styles and presets is foolish! What are you paying for anyway? Someone that moved some sliders? Really? That's it! Over the years (when I was using Lightroom), I've spent hundreds on VSCO, Mastin Labs, Huelight, etc. They boast that their presets are artfully crafted by using various scanning techniques, custom profiling, pixie dust, and other unverifiable claims. What I found was that they are overpriced and quite often have overly contrasty tone curves. Thus, I've largely given up on using them, because I find the changes they make are too harsh and are quite often unpleasant.

Of course, there are plugins that give stylized looks. However, if you can do the color tweaks in Capture One on the RAW file itself, then you have more creative control and a higher quality starting place for your further editing. Unfortunately, there really aren't a lot of options out there for third party Capture One "styles." There is no where near the amount of Capture One styles available as there are presets for Lightroom. What you will find though, are a lot of over priced styles starting at $50 or $100 a pop! Moreover, there is no way to test them out first. If they stink, then too bad - no refunds! No thanks!

My goal here is for this to be a community effort in terms of sharing high quality and free styles.

If you have a style that you would like to submit, then please include the following:

  1. Your Capture One Pro 9 style.
  2. Any other information you would like me to post on this website for you (i.e. your name, website, Instagram link, etc.).
  3. A before / after pic.

Please submit styles to:
[email protected]

I'll curate your submissions and post the best ones, with credit, on my blog.