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20110311 at 220153 Paul Tomko in Gym-1-2-22016-06-05 20.09.30 Michael Carlile's Senior Pictures20110306 at 104012 Kelsey Hansen at Tacoma at Tacoma Graffiti Garage-2-220110717 at 112735 Brianna Shirley at Alki Beach-2-220110717 at 094110 Brianna Shirley at Alki Beach-2-2Jameel and Anita's Wedding - 09-20-09 - Vegas-20-Edit-220110515 at 112114 Mel Smith in Barn-2-220101226 at 111851 Philbroux Richardson at Tacoma Graffiti Garage-2-220100619 at 130704 Brittany Smith at Red Line Motorsports-220100522 at 171048 Ina Ciabara at Gasworks Park-220100717 at 181735 Nicole Griffin with Motorcycle-220090718 at 191807 Julia Nesterchuck in Studio-1-220091114 at 095435 Emily Evans with Autumn Leaves-220091105 at 190948 Jacque Margeson with Blake Dunham-1-220090731 at 200103 Brittany Smith at Alki Beach-220090829 at 113615 Charity Taala in Gym-220090925 at 182210 Heather Rouge on Capitol Hill-22016-11-11 Veterans Day 11-34-5820101120 at 185213 Gregg Acord at Pike Street-3-220110306 at 105148 Kelsey Hansen at Tacoma at Tacoma Graffiti Garage-2-220091121 at 102644 Anna Kharitonova at Kubota Gardens-22016-11-11 Veterans Day 11-12-232015-01-03 Brian and Ronda's Wedding 17-30-192015-7-07 Wayne White 18-59-09-Edit20110311 at 224438 Paul Tomko in Gym-2-22016-10-16 Sita Cunningham Senior Photos 08-44-022015-11-15 Adult and Extreme Karate Tournament 19-24-042015-11-14 Kids Karate Tournament 10-51-152015-01-03 Brian and Ronda's Wedding 17-48-0420091210 at 181940 Diana Schmitt in Seattle Holiday Nights-220100206 at 165454 Julianne Carey at Pike Street Market-22015-11-15 Adult and Extreme Karate Tournament 13-28-442012-09-21 BB Gun Incident at Beasley Coliseum 20-18-30-22016-06-05 19.27.08 Michael Carlile's Senior Pictures2012-04-06 Paul Tomko - Volunteer Park Water Tower 12-13-39-22015-11-14 Kids Karate Tournament 13-41-332016-05-30 13.18.23 Milton Memorial Day Service2015-01-03 Brian and Ronda's Wedding 17-52-082016-10-16 Sita Cunningham Senior Photos 09-18-51