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I cancelled my Fuji X-Pro2 order and bought a Canon 7D Mark II.

BE SURE TO READ THE MARCH 4TH UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE Why? Because, I really like my Fuji X-T1. Here’s a list of pros about keeping my X-T1: It responds reasonably well. […]

The Fuji 35mm f/2 review

I posted previously about testing out the 35mm f/2 in the store, and after comparing it to the 35mm f/1.4, I was torn. After much deliberation, I decided I’d rather have the faster autofocus and […]

Fuji 14mm f/2.8 vs Olympus 7–14mm f/2.8 Pro

How does the Fuji 14mm f/2.8 compare with the Olympus 7–14mm f/2.8 Pro? Weird comparison? Maybe, but I do use both Micro 4/3 and Fuji. The Fuji is a full frame equivalent of a 20mm […]

Brief Fuji 35mm f/2 vs f/1.4 Review

I had the chance to stop by Glazer’s Camera in Seattle today to test out the 35mm f/2 lens. I’ve owned the 1.4 version for a while, and while it produces excellent results, the focus […]

Fuji X-T1 vs Leica Typ 113 with Chocolate

It took a year to do this comparison, but I’m glad I returned the Leica and stuck with the Fuji X-T1. Here’s the original post of the Leica X Type 113. The Leica costs $2,000, […]

Fuji’s 16mm f/1.4 and a visit to Alki

There’s two reasons why I love the Fuji X system: The images look fantastic straight out of the camera! The lenses are fantastic! I already own the 16–55mm f/2.8 lens and it’s nothing short of […]

Fuji 16–55mm f/2.8 Review — Part 2

Last week, I was fortunate enough to travel to Boston for a class related to my career. I planned my visit to arrive there a day early so I could sight see and take lots […]

Painting nails, brushing hair, and My Little Pony

Girls are lucky, they can do anything, wear anything, and look however they want. If they want their hair short, want to wear jeans, play sports, etc., that’s all fine. However, if boys want to […]

Fuji 16–55mm f/2.8 Lens Review and Samples

My biggest complaint with the Fuji system has been it’s slow autofocus. Even with that, I still really enjoy using the Fuji system. The RAW files have a lot of latitude, the colors from the […]

Fuji stuff: 50mm Touit, 23mm, and a Kaesemann polarizer

Yesterday, I picked up a Zeiss Touit 50mm macro lens for the Fuji X system. Unlike the Fuji 60mm, the Zeiss lens lets you get really close up and is fairly snappy with regards to […]

32mm f/1.8 Zeiss Touit for Fuji X Mount is SHARP!

At my day job, we recently moved to a new office. Our interior decorator purchased a couple of 5×7 pewter colored photo frames to homey of the place. His instructions were to fill them with […]