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Cheap Camera Review – Fuji S5 Pro

One hundred and twenty bucks for a top of the line DSLR?!?!? Well, it was top of the line over eleven years ago. Now, you can buy them for little more than a song and […]

35mm Mirrorless Lens Shootout – Sony, Fuji, Zeiss, and Olympus – Which is the best 35mm lens?

In this video, I’ll be doing a shootout of 9 different mirrorless lenses with a 35mm (or equivalent focal length). The goal is to determine which one has the nicest rendering. I test for up […]

Milton Memorial Day

Shot on the Fuji X-H1 with the 50-140mm f/2.8 lens. Processed using Capture One and Photolemur (Perfectly Clear crashed and would respond). It was midday sunlight and quite bright with harsh shadows, but Fuji files […]

Can you use your Leica M camera and lenses in the rain and near the beach?

This question is one that I’ve been pondering as we enter the rainy season here in the Puget Sound and as I plan for an upcoming trip to Maui. If you read various forums and […]

First attempt at using a rangefinder for street photography — Fuji X-Pro2

Most street photography is absolute garbage. Far too often, the bulk of street photography shots are boring, un-engaging, creepy, intrusive, and utterly voyeuristic trash. Not to mention cliche’ — “oh look, a wrinkled homeless person” — YAWN! Also, the […]

Sita’s senior photos in the rain — shot with a Fuji X-T2 and Fuji 50–140mm f/2.8

Taking senior photos in the Puget Sound during mid October can only mean one thing — rain. No point in rescheduling, no point in getting upset about it, and no point in trying to pay […]

Fuji X-T2 Review

There’s countless reviews of the Fuji X-T2 out there by now. Rather than rehashing the specs, here’s my no-nonsense review. First off, this is bar none, the best Fuji camera I have ever used. It’s […]

Fuji X70 Review

A Fuji pocket camera with an APS-C sensor? Sign me up! In the past, I’ve briefly owned the X20 and X30 which are similar in size, but with a smaller sensor. You can see my […]

Two month review of the Fuji X-Pro2

Over the last month or so, I’ve been shooting with the X-Pro2 every chance I get. My initial impressions remain unchanged. The focusing performance, image quality, and new joystick on the back mean more “keepers.” […]

Panasonic GX8 vs Fuji X-Pro2 — part 1

Just out of curiosity, I decided to take some real world shots this afternoon comparing the GX8 and the Fuji X-Pro2. I put both into their standard mode (Provia on Fuji), used comparable lenses, used […]

Fuji X-Pro2 — Day 2

Well, I discovered another area that Fuji cheaped out on the X-Pro2 — wi-fi. I tried transferring some of the images to my iPhone 6s Plus today, and using the full resolution photos, it was painfully slow […]

Fuji X-Pro2 — Samples, Edits, and First Impressions

After one day of use, here are my first impressions of the Fuji X-Pro2: Pros: Fastest shutter of any Fuji X camera — the X-T1 seemed to have a delay. Great analog controls — especially the joystick. Image quality […]